Deeper connections. Healthier relationships. Stronger communities.

Transform loneliness into connection and happiness to build a better life. 

What you'll find here.

On this site you’ll find resourcesguides, and a blog to help you transform the way you think about loneliness and build a life filled with more happiness and strong social connections. The goal of everything here is to help you learn why social connection is so important to your happiness, how to get help when you’re feeling alone, and how to take action to change your own life and the lives of others for the better. 

If you’ve come to this site because you’re feeling lonely, the end of your loneliness can start right here. Get connected to (free) “first aid” resources for loneliness and actions you can take right now. Help yourself, then come back to enjoy the rest of the resources on this site.

Plan of action

There are three levels of action needed to transform the downward cycle created by loneliness. All the levels are connected and effort in one influences the others. We need to grow as individuals before we can truly be present and giving to the people in our lives. We need to work at creating strong relationships and valuable connections. Finally, we need to work to improve the way our culture supports and encourages true connections.

In this spring of 2020, social isolation has become a challenge for our culture and a hot cultural topic. A search on loneliness or reveals hundreds of news articles, podcasts, videos, just from March alone. So why do my own blog on the topic?

Vivek Murthy, former Surgeon General of the United States, said this when asked about his work on the topic of loneliness: “I wanted to try to do everything I could do to create more connection in my life and the lives of people around me and hopefully in our community more broadly.”

That’s the goal of this site: to help anyone – even one person – who feels lonely to find a little peace, stability, and a way forward with confidence. To help them find connections and resources in their community and globally. To do everything I can do.

Say hello!

This website is a one-man passion project, and I would love to connect with you and find out what you found useful and what could be improved. Or, you can just connect and say hello; after all, isn’t that the point? 🙂

You can also say hello via email at hello [at] or on Instagram at @imitate_the_sun